Wednesday, May 02, 2012

He's 1

I can still remember the disbelief when I realized the power was out and that I wasn't going to have the induction.  My body was stretched to it's limits and my arms were aching to hold my baby.

Five days later, I remember pacing around all night, speaking soft words to the little life in my belly as my body started the Great Eviction.

I remember those first precious cries and the call of "It's a BOY!!!" and the feel of him as they placed him on my chest and he wriggled and cried his little newborn cry of angst that his world had abruptly changed.

I remember bringing him home, keeping his sweet little body stripped down and in the sunshine, hoping that he would be the one to break the jaundice chain.

Soon, we were past freshly newborn and into calling his age by weeks rather than days.  He spent hours being held and loved on by his grandparents, aunts, siblings, but mostly his Mommy and Daddy.  We were just as awed by our fifth as we were by our first.

He spent his days sleeping and eating and watching the crazy cycle around him.  Kids in and out and hovering over and in his face.  He smiled big for them, especially his brother, who was more in love with him than any of us knew possible.

He laid on his back and reached for toys or listened as somebody read books to him.  He sat up and engaged in play with sisters who thought they had a real live baby doll.

He giggled and laughed at the entertainment of his siblings and screeched out his discontent when they bothered him.  He became very successful at communication sans words.

He began crawling and reveled in his new found mobility.  As a family, we had to learn to keep colored pencils and Legos off the floor, along with a whole slew of other small choking-hazard type items.

He is full time motion, more active than any of my others, and yet a snuggler like none of the others.  He never fails to greet us with his big smile.  He's had to learn to be heard over the loud percussive noise that is the rhythm of our days.

Happy 1st Birthday, Daniel!  We love you so very much!
Daddy, Mommy, Thomas, Sarah Grace, Elizabeth, and Anna

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