Monday, August 09, 2010

A Pinkalicious Birthday!

We did it! We pulled off the long awaited Pinkalicious Birthday Bash, and had one verrrrrrry happy little Pinkalicious Princess!

Y'all! I had so much fun putting this together with Sarah Grace. We talked about some of the things she wanted, and after some web surfing, I came up with a few items to make is a bit of a surprise for her.

It was worth every minute of energy I put into it when she was shocked speechless upon seeing the party room for the first time!

It was pretty awesome...if I do say so myself.

The princesses came out in full force. Tulle, wands, crowns, and even a few royal fits were the order of the day.

As each princess arrived, she made her way to the living room to choose her royal robes and be fitted with her royal crown. Then they all daintily barreled upstairs to jump on beds and trade clothes around! It was dress up on quite the grand scale!

When the princesses declared to be ready for tea, we sat them all down and sugared them up! Pink marshmallows, pink gummy fruit, pink jelly beans, pink filled oreos, pink sugar wafers, strawberries, pink chocolate dipped pretzels, pink strawberry lemonade, pink malted milk balls, pink iced cupcakes, and ham and cheese sandwich spirals. Ham is the official pink meat of a Pinkalicious Party, you know.

Once there little bellies were filled, they gathered round to hear the story of Pinkalicious.

After the story, Sarah Grace could stand it no longer. Presents must be opened! I would share photos of this, but it's just a bunch of little crowned heads gathered around a chair, all vieing to be the first to touch the most recently opened gift!

Finally, we shooed everyone outside for a group photo of our Pinkaliciousness.

And there you have it! All but the Littlest Princess, who was way over-stimulated and begging for a nap.

And if there happened to be a pea in one of my princesses' beds, I never heard a word about it! It was a very Peaceful Princess rest at our house that day.


JohnandMelanie said...

that looks awesome!! im sad i couldnt come :(

The Roap Family said...

Oh my! You are hired to help me with our next birthday bash! How fun and I am so glad that she loved it!!

Aunt Kim said...

That is definitely my niece with all the pink!!!!

The Bouldins said...

Ahem ... are those recently painted walls? If so, are you willing to share the color?

an encourager said...

So swweeeet!!! Pinks and parties just go together! :)