Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Daniel - 8 Months

Yes, I did skip the 7 month post. I meant to post it, but I didn't. My chocolate supply was low and my poor brain just couldn't churn out a post with no chocolate to spur it on.


I am 8 months old and...
...I can hold my own bottle. In fact, the day after Mom published this, I decided it was time to do it myself.
...I am crawling!!! It's SO cool.
...I have found I like to eat paper. Nom-nom.
...I have a new tooth on top, bringing me to a grand total of three.
...I love sweet potatoes.
...I found my squealer. Mommy and Daddy seem to grit their teeth a lot when I use it. Wonder why? I think it's fun!
...I LOVE bath time. The squeals echo in there!
...I like my feet, but I'm not particularly limber, so I don't get to chew on them often.
...I do this really cute lip sucking thing to help alleviate the discomfort from teething.
...I am an expert raspberry blower.
...I sleep ten to twelve hours every night. Mommy LOVES it.
...I weigh sixteen pounds.
...I'm beginning to try to pull up on things.
...Look out world! I'm on my way!!

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