Wednesday, November 09, 2016

November 9, 2016

Dear my Children,
Yesterday, after months of hearing about these people, these 'presidential candidates', we took y'all with us to the polls.  You'd watched a presidential debate where you aptly made note of the likeness of the candidates and 3 year olds.  You'd heard snippets and snatches of radio personalities, your parents, and other adults and you had definite opinions, though you knew enough to know you didn't know anything.

And so you were right on par with the vast majority of the voting population, just minus cynicism and experience.  

Last night, y'all stayed up late to watch as the results started coming in.  You asked questions and some of them were really excellent questions, too!  Some of those questions I would love to know if the average American voter was asking.  When we sent you to bed, nobody had any idea what the outcome would be yet.

But Daddy and I sat up to watch.  We listened to the talking heads for hours.  We talked trash over Skip-Bo - game trash and political trash.  It was all intermingled with the curiosity and the prayer and the tired.

Here's what I know, kids:  Yesterday, there was a lot of uncertainty.  It's been the hallmark of this election.  Who knows what he'll say or what she'll do. Today, there is a lot of hurt and a lot of fear.  Because now who knows what he'll say or what he'll do.  Fact is, though, he has the nation's stamp of approval to go forth and be our Commander in Chief.

But guess what?  That was the order for today regardless of the outcome of this election.  Fear.  Hurt.  Uncertainty.

This year, like never before, I feel like there was no real choice for America.  Neither one of the candidates who were put forth exhibit the qualities that we most want the leader of the free world to embody.  Honesty, integrity, wisdom, humility.  Here's the truth of it (as I see it, of course): He stinks.  She stinks.  There are evils associated with each that terrify me. 

And really?  I don't believe that most people voted for a candidate so much as they did against a candidate.

I know that as I sat there with the ballot in front of me, I realized I'd been holding out until the very last minute for something, anything, to change to make my voting experience a more palatable one.  With the tangible weight of voting on my shoulders and you kids watching me, asking questions about the ballot and the whole process and who was I going to vote for, I buried my face in my hands.  My eyes cried tears and my heart cried out to God.  I did the best I could with the information I had, which is all that can ever be asked of anyone, when I made my choice.

My choice was what I hoped would be the best for your future.  Because, like anything else, voting for this person or that person to have such a role in our future's history takes on a whole new meaning when you have kids or love kids who are our tomorrow.

Oh, my children, I want so much for your tomorrows.  I can only pray that our yesterday brought about the best decision for our tomorrow.  For your tomorrow.  And for your children's tomorrow.

Today, though, today I'll give you all hugs as I tell you who won the election.  Today, we'll do math and language arts and science and run errands while election talk and what-ifs pepper our conversation.  Today, we'll discuss again why it is so important to honor the office and pray for the man.  Today, we'll do laundry and clean the kitchen and mess it up again.

Today, we'll do the best we can to give you the tools you need for the best tomorrow. 


A drop in a make it count... said...

Well said my friend. Our last 24 hours were very similar.

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karen said...

This is well written. It brought tears to my eyes. You are a wonderful mother.