Monday, April 30, 2012

The One Where I Commit To Projects

I'm one of those people whose Pinterest boards are filled plum up with DIYs and crafts and projects.  I'm also one of those people who absolutely does not subscribe to perfection.  I just want it done my way.

I am forever and always on the lookout for another project that I can squeeze in between school and naps and chores and errands and food and jumping on the trampoline.

Which is to say that not much of my project-ing gets done.  But a girl can dream...

I've learned that the projects most likely to get done are ones that I can involve the family in.  Or at least the husband!

With that in mind, I've been looking at projects that could be tackled in one day.  A weekend, tops.  Things that will be either helpful to our home or fun for the kids.  I'll save the fluffy stuff that I love so very much for one day when I have free time.

Which is to say I am okay with most of it never happening.  My people are way cooler than a piece of painted wood or a newly made outfit.

For starters, how about this?

East Coast Creative
We have a table that my parents gave us several years ago.  I loved it then and I love it now, but we've grown in numbers since then.  It's a big, lovely table and when I am ready to let it go, I'll let you all know.  ;)

I love that this table was made by it's owners.  In their garage.  Joshua and I have a bit of history with making furniture in the garage, you know.  And the kids LOVE power tools!  (quit yer frettin', it's all superly-supervised!)

I ran across this brilliant idea the other day and am wholly in love with the idea.

Trash To Treasures

 I can just see one or two of these making a huge difference in our garage.  Life just tends to be more organized when everything has a real home rather than just a generalized direction to toss it.  Know what I mean?  This is an extremely inexpensive project.  I see filing cabinets on craigslist for free all the time and on the sides of the road regularly.  And since we have pegboard, all we would need to purchase would be the casters.  Talk about frugal!

This one would totally be for my kiddos.  Especially Thomas and his entrepreneurial mind.

I Know The Plans I Have For You

Yep, another totally frugal project.  It starts off with 3 pallets...  Thomas is already conjuring plans on what the hours will be and who works when.  The world needs to be on high alert with that boy.  He's gonna make waves.  I just hope his Daddy and I are up to the task of teaching him to make good waves!

And for the school room... 

517 Creations
...a ginormous ruler to mark our growth on!  The kids LOVE seeing how much they've grown since they were 'little'.  Nothing makes me giggle more than a three year old telling me a certain mark is from when she was 'a liddle guh-ruhl.'

I have several other Pinteresting ideas, but reality says these will keep us plenty busy.  If we are all bright and shiny and quick, then I'll happily rustle up a few more!

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