Wednesday, January 01, 2014

About Us

Y'all, this is always the hardest part of the blog for me to keep updated.  I have a hard time knowing where to begin when considering how to introduce myself and my family.

How 'bout I start out with WHY a blog.

When Thomas (our oldest child) was born, I watched all the moms around me being all creative and crafty with scrapbooks, carefully documenting their children's lives.  They were so pretty and neat and fun, but I was plumb confused when confronted with all the paper choices and whatchamacallits to fancy it up.  I took loads of pictures, though.

Then we found out we were pregnant with our second child just three months after the first was born!  I'd still been playing with jumping into the scrapbooking arena, but that little surprise made all thoughts of paper and scissors and whatchamacallits fly straight out of my head.

So I started a blog.  The pages aren't nearly as pretty, but the stories are there, and usually well documented with photos.  I print it all out once a year and my kids revel in reading of their past antics and achievements.  

Who are we?

'We' started as Joshua and Aubrey.  We met when we were 19 years old and married when we were 25 (well, I was 25.  He was 24.) 

Ten short months after we exchanged vows, we welcomed Thomas into the world.  He is our spunky, silly, people-loving 11 year old.  He lives in the moment and would give you the shirt off his back.  His heart is big and he leads with it always.  

Not quite twelve months later, Sarah Grace came along and pink exploded onto the scene.  For ten days every year, she and Thomas are the 'same age'.  It's a source of great entertainment!  Sarah, age 10, loves to dance and read and is quite thoughtful.  Conversations with her turn deep in a hurry!

Elizabeth, or Lizzie, is just 20 months behind Sarah.  She is our Sunshine child, full of goofs and giggles and has the amazing ability of folding herself into a teensy space!  She is 8 and dances and twirls about, tells silly jokes, and loves to dress up and play pretend.  She has been a little mommy since she could walk and loves being around young children.

Another 20 months later brought us Anna Joy, currently age 6 but counting down impatiently to 7! She can usually be found in dress up clothes taking good care of her dolly children or stuffed animals.  She is extremely compassionate and loves hard.

29 months later, Daniel arrived.  You never know how incomplete your family is until The Baby arrives on the scene!  This kid has a big personality and keeps us rolling.  Waffling between being a baby and becoming a Big Boy, this 4 year old is all boy.  Noise, superheros, and dirt are the name of the game!

And that's us.  We live our lives loudly and with lots of love (and chocolate!) in the South.  Glad you found us, hope you'll stick around.  Wanna keep up with the mini-updates?  Please come join our Facebook community.

Pictures courtesy of Jenni M Photography

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