Monday, June 20, 2011

Screaming Our Joyful Noise

You know that hour at the end of the day when you, the Mommy, think you might just throw yourself down on the floor and throw an all out temper-tantrum? The hour in which your husband is due home, the hour that dinner needs to be in the making, the hour when the kids hit The Wall.

I usually detest that hour. But once in a while things go so abnormally well that I look over my shoulder to see if my Fairy Godmother is standing there waving her wand and smiling serenely.

Today was one of those days. The afternoon was rolling right along when it suddenly occurred to me to check the time.

It was 5:24 PM.

History demands that my children be wailing about starvation, boredom, and unfair/unkind siblings.


Anna was running around (naked) scream-singing 'Jesus Loves Me'.

Sarah Grace and Elizabeth had on dress up clothes and were pirouette-ing around the living room as they sang 'I Am A True Princess'.

Thomas was running the Shark over my floors because he wanted to.

Daniel was having a rare moment of contentment watching the fishies twirl in happy circles above his head.

And I breathed a prayer of thanksgiving for unexpected happy moments.

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The Roap Family said...

YAY for happy mommy moments!