Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Elizabeth Is Nine!

Nine years ago, the Lord saw fit to give us our very own ray of Sunshine.  She came gently into this world one Friday morning and has been smiling at it ever since.  We brought her home and laid her in a bassinet and she rarely stirred.  

We often joke that she slept until her due date, being that she was a few weeks early.  Thomas was 2 and Sarah was 1 and they barely looked over at her as they barrelled though the house screeching and whooping and being jolly little toddlers.

She'd just sigh deeply and doze on.

I often forget how adorable her little 'Hook 'Em Horns' sign was as she sucked on her fingers.  When she was almost two, she burned those little fingers on a lightbulb at somebody's house.  They blistered up and were too painful for her to suck on when she tried to go to sleep that night.  She whined quietly off and on for about an hour, then popped her thumb in her mouth.  I wondered if she'd go back to the two precious fingers when they healed up, but I'd say she never gave it a second thought.  The thumb was just fine.

She enjoys the simple things in life and chooses comfort and has her own sense of 'cute style'.  She loves skinny jeans and boots or flats and a soft, oversized shirt.  She likes her hair in a tight little bun at the nape of her neck or in a braid over her shoulder.

She's tough as tough gets and rarely whimpers over pain and we find ourselves telling her to please let us know about things when they happen rather than two days later when we see a huge bruise on her!  She just shakes pain to the wayside and works through it.

Lurking just behind her quiet demeanor is a quick wit that takes folks by surprise. I love to hear tales of how her sense of humor peeks through when she is visiting with people who haven't experienced our Lizzie before.

She adores cooking and baking and putzing around in the kitchen.  She begs me regularly to let her make dinner or to teach her some new recipe.  She'll outstrip me by the time she's twelve, if not sooner!  

She's kind and generous and compassionate.  She loves her sisters and brothers and it's fun to watch her relationship with each one.

I'm so thankful she was sent to us.  Thankful for the opportunity to get to watch what God does with her.

Happy Birthday, sweet, sunny, Lizzie!!

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

A Brief History and a Tentative Promise

Back in 2010 when I started this blog, it was a way to assuage my guilt over not being a good baby-book-keeper.  Not being a scrapbooker.  I wanted to document the highs (and sometimes lows) of our lives for our family, and blogs didn't require glue or scissors or anything else that might get left out for the Munchkin Brigade to wreak havoc with.  I could sit and type, walk away to do laundry, and come back and find things right where I left them with no blood or shredded curtains (not that we had any curtains back then).  I'd plug in a few pictures, hit publish, and voila!! 

Then blogging became a community to me.  I 'met' all these wonderful folks and, between Twitter and blogs, we knew one another enough to sort ourselves into tribes when we attended blogging conferences. (Do those still exist?)  Several of the friendships that were forged over bloggy fodder are still vital relationships in my life today.

A few years ago, I started having our blog published into books.  One year per book.  I loved sitting and flipping through each book as it came in.  Words and pictures that testified to this life that God has so graciously given us.  Around the time we had 2008's book published in 2014 (because I'm all about promptness), I realized the kids loved those bloggy books possibly more that I did. 

I adore listening to them read the stories aloud to one another and laugh over the silly antics of whoever the story is about.  They cut up and harass one another and I smile as I get all nostalgic about the short time in my life my children referred to me as 'Momalope' because somebody thought it was fun. 

I don't spin out their stories as much these days as I used to.  The lessons we are learning aren't always easy bloggy fodder.  But because my kids love to read about themselves, I plan to make the effort again.  I share that here because I tell my kids to write down their goals so they can be seen.  Then work towards that goal.  And so, here's to finding the stories to share and remember.

Because, precious children, this was always for you. 


Thursday, October 15, 2015

Boys Will Be Boys

The baby of the family gets a lot more leeway than any other child.  Partially because we as the parents are so much more relaxed than we were with the first couple (and by 'relaxed', I probably really mean 'tired').  Partially because the youngest learns early on how to play their cards just so.

We've never had a four year old as the youngest in our family.  Four year olds teeter on the brink of childhood.  They are making that permanent break with babyhood but, thankfully, they string it out over a year.  Pretty sure the Lord did that for the Mama hearts.

That year is proving precious beyond belief.

I was sitting at my desk sorting through the papers when he galloped over to tell me some story.  I'll never know what he was going to tell me about because about three words in, he passed gas like a teen-aged boy.  He began giggling, which increased his gaseous emissions, which increased his laughter and the circle continued. 

Here we were, laughing together for all we're worth as the gas and the giggles kept coming.  My camera was on hand to I grabbed it up and began taking pictures.  Because those laughing moments are precious, regardless of what brings them about.