Friday, June 10, 2011

Acknowledging Little Moments

He nurses at my breast or takes formula from a bottle, but either way, his body nestles close to mine. He is totally dependent upon me to provide his every need and utterly content to be held. I prop him on my shoulder to pat the air from his tummy. He again contours himself to me, relaxing. His little hand rests on my arm, sliding down a little as he releases the air in a woosh.

It is a season of life's greatest perfection. This darling boy who was knit together with such wondrous beauty, making me a Mommy all over again.

I lay him down in a pink bed made more boy-ish by the addition of animal cracker sheets. He cares not about the colors and their 'meanings'. Only that he is safe and warm. Instinctively, he tucks his little knees up under him and sighs one of his beautiful baby sighs.

He sleeps.

I can't help but look at him and marvel at his every little movement, each sound he makes, and the indulgent softness of his skin. I reach out to touch his silky baby hair and his little forehead wrinkles as his brows raise. It's his way of acknowledging the love we give.

And my heart sings as I praise God for this moment. It's my way of acknowledging the love He gives.


Jeni said...

Beautiful, Aubrey! What blessings a new baby brings to a family.

The Farmer Files said...

This was delicious. I love the animal cracker sheets. Adorable.

Christine said...

Oh so sweet, Aubrey! He is a sweetheart!