Monday, December 15, 2014

Dear My Brave Anna

Dear Anna,
You're amazing.  This past week has been a rough one for you, and you handled it like a champ.

On Monday, you were sent to the ER with extremely high blood sugar levels.  The folks in the ER took stock of what was going on with you and we were admitted to a room where you received finger pricks and insulin shots and I curled up next to you and slept with you all night.  Daddy was close by on the couch because neither one of us wanted to leave your side.  The needles scared you and made you cry and it all hurt our hearts so much.

 Tuesday was a parade of dieticians and diabetes trainers and sweet family and friends coming through your room to see you.  We also got to see Santa Claus!!

On Tuesday evening, I gave you your insulin shot.  You were so brave, sweet girl, and I was and am so thankful that this particular shot brought no tears to your sweet eyes. 

Your sisters and cousin Layla came to see you and were all so relieved to see how well you were doing.  The girls chose to stay with Daddy that night so they could spend the next day with you.  They were very concerned about you still.  I curled up with you again and we slept between the nurses coming in to check on you.

On Wednesday, you started doing your own finger pricks.  I'll admit to biting back tears while your eyes shimmered with pride.  Daddy learned to give you your injections and nurses started saying maybe we could go home.  Sure enough, because you were so brave and so willing to help us take care of you, they let us go home that afternoon.

Anna, it's hard for your Mommy and Daddy to know that our little girl will have to deal with this disease called diabetes the rest of her life.  But baby girl, this is the Lord's plan for you and He's had it in His hands all along.  He KNOWS the plans He has for you, Anna.  Plans not to harm you but plans for your future.

And Mommy and Daddy?  We're just thankful we get to be a part of your story, the one He created especially for you, Little One.