Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My Happy Thought In The Dining Room

We spoke of my techie karma last week. It was a bitter few hours in my life, but I have finally recovered. I am now prepared to tell you the story I wanted to tell then. Just remember that I have no pictures, do to pregnancy glitches.

We have lived here for just a smidgen less than a year. I came in with battle plans and a small budget to whip this house into a home. If the crayon marks on the rug I bought and the dirty hand-prints trailing up the wall of the staircase are any indication of hominess, we're golden. However, if your looking for proof of decorating, your barking up the wrong tree.

I have tons of ideas of things I want to do, thanks to all of you lovely home-bloggers in the blogosphere. I just need more time to implement them. A year seems like a long time, but I've been pregnant for 3/4 of it!

That's what I tell myself for consolation, anyway.

Soanyway...I finally put up The Very First Set of Curtains!!!

Again, thanks to all you home-bloggers, I have a very lovely and inexpensive set of curtains in my dining room.

Drop cloths. They are all over the place! Throw pillows, furniture coverings, curtains, table cloths...you name it, people are using drop cloths to do it with.

It's a fever I quickly caught.

When I decided what my first project would be, I ran out and bought my drop cloth. From Wally World because I had to go there anyway.

Drop Cloth Buyers Hint: Don't get your drop cloths from this store. While there are imperfections in the fabric of drop cloths that should be embraced, seams running at odd angles and in weird places are not acceptable.

I suggest Home Depot. Same price, no seams.

I bought two 6x9 drop cloths for about $10 each. Brought them home, laughed at the sticker on them that warned of their flammability (Hello?! It's fabric!) and tossed them in the washer and then the dryer. One of the corners on one of them came an itsy-bit undone and frayed. Being the perfectionist I am, I ignored it.

I then ironed the 'drapes'. Not the many shirts that I should have ironed to make my husband's wardrobe selection grow. Because I am a better nester than I am a wife at present.

Next, I mounted the drapery rod to the wall, measured out how long I wanted the 'drapes' to be, and folded the fabric over so that the extra not-quite a foot hung behind the curtain. Then I used drapery rings and clipped those babies into place!

Voila!! Curtains. For a fraction of drapery costs. And they complement my burlap runner on my side board.

The dining room is now the most complete room in the house. Decorated walls, curtains up, fully functional. I would love to have a rug in there, but it is simply not practical. We've previously discussed sound reasoning as to why I don't bother with rugs at this point in my family's life. I hope to post a 'tour' of our dining rooms soon.

But we all know how absentee my brain is these days, so don't hold your breath...

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Christine said...

How lovely! I have 0% creativity when it comes to decorating my home. I can take all the help I can get.