Sunday, March 20, 2011

Somewhere Out There... a camera with some pictures on it. Not just any pictures, but some that are blog specific. You know the kind...I only grabbed at the camera to entertain you or to show you proof of something.

But I can't find the camera. It was laying in the middle of the floor just the other day, dangerously underfoot, and I stooped my pregnant body to pick it up. Then I put it somewhere safe. From little feet. And then, I forgot where I put it. Super safe, though.

Or not. I may find it in the freezer...

My brain faileth, but the entertainment around here is in no short supply. And we all know that when I run out of things to say, I resort to Kids Say the Funniest Things. It's a bloggy tradition that the grandparents live for and the rest of you Mamas giggle and think of what your cuties said recently. Win-win, yes?

If I haven't mentioned it before, our Anna has an incredible grasp on the English language. She has three teachers incessantly chattering around her, and it boggles my mind the phrases she uses correctly. At 27 months. (Is there too much Proud Mama in that comment? Some of it's fear... she will soon be able to out-think me!)

However, her age still shines through.

"Mama?" pause as she looks at me expectantly.

"Mama...?" again with the looking.

I look back.


I raise my eyebrows.


I tilt my head to one side and look interested.


Body language is lost on this one. It's all-out-conversation-or-I-will-repeat-myself-ad-nauseam.

"Yes, Anna?"

"I love you." She grins and, again, with the expectant look.

"I love you!"

"No, you say, 'I love you, too, darlin'" comes the slightly furrow-browed instruction when I miss my standard reply.

I giggle and give her what she wants. Then she comes to 'give love' with her sticky hands and crazy mop of curls.

And it's okay that I can't find the camera. Because this exchange will be a treasure beyond pictures one day. A memory to warm my heart.

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rocketcitytabby said...

ok... so where was the 'safe camera place' for future use?