Tuesday, April 05, 2011


I took pictures of my productive, yet not-productive, project. I carefully documented the large pile of laundry that needs to be ironed, then took a photo of what I was actually ironing. I was going to remind you that a woman who is nesting has priorities.

Very specific priorities.

I took pictures of the whole process. Why? I don't know. I'm not a home-blogger, a how-to blogger, or a tip-giver. But I had in my head that I wanted to document this momentous occasion in the life of our family's home.

So I took pictures. Probably a dozen or so, just because I could.

When I was trying to find just the right angle from which to take the last picture, I noticed a short line of words at the top of my digital camera's screen.


Apparently it doesn't matter if I know where the camera is or not. I still don't know how to handle it properly.

I heaved a rather large sigh, padded my way into the what-will-become-hobby-room, and sat down at the computer. I wanted to advertise my ailment on Twitter and Facebook.
Why? I don't know. Misery loves company? Small discouragements when aired bring about laughter and encouraging words from friends?

But my TweetDeck is in all out rebellion. I tapped in the update and it showed on my screen, but that little update is the last move my TweetDeck has bothered with. So here I sit, in all my bad tech-karma, whining to you about things that really don't matter.

I did jerk the memory card out of the computer and gently jam it back into the camera. Without too much grumbling, I might add. I did line up a shot of my afternoon's project.

And then I called my husband and groused because I couldn't remember how to force the flash to stay on. I am grateful to him, and you should be too, for stepping me through the oh-so-simple process. Otherwise this would be more of my picture-less blather.

Thanks to him, though, you get a picture of the very first curtains to find their way up in our home. Not quite a year after we moved in. Lucky you!

But all the nice, fuzzy-feeling thoughts and witty remarks I had dreamed up in my head will not be accompanying this shot.

Perhaps tomorrow...

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