Friday, April 15, 2011

On Distance

The Gypsy-Mama, Lisa-Jo, is hosting her Five Minute Friday writing prompt again. I kind of enjoy these, even if my writing isn't as cohesive as it should be. But hey, give it a try! Get those creative juices flowing!!!

Time and space go along way towards healing old wounds.

I am fifteen years away from a broken heart that I thought would never heal. A heart that can now reflect on life from that era and recognize the sweetness of first love.

I am 14 years into my relationship with Christ. The brokenness of my heart and the emptiness that had never truly been filled and a friend with a passion for sharing Christ with me, the real Jesus Christ, conspired together to bring me to my knees. The road has been long (but not as long as I hope it stretches) and sweet, though not without it's bumps and falls.

The space between this Life in Christ and the life I just lived is vast. The old and meaningless has fallen to the wayside. The real and the Light have taken over, guiding me towards the Father and His precious promise of Life Everlasting.

I am eight years into marriage that is a gift beyond my comprehension, and six and a half years into the path of parenthood. It's good, it's crazy, and it is His plan.

Despite the distance from who I was, the time I have spent being recreated by and learning of my Savior, there are past hurts, past stumbling blocks that creep up along the way. However, the Grace that abounds, the Mercy that is rained down, they help to heal, to gently direct.

~~~~~~Time's Up~~~~~~


Misty said...

This was WONDERFUL! really... i loved this post. I loved the way you spun the word and counted down from the time...
LOVED it. Totally subscribing to your blog! :)

The Farmer Files said...

Wow. I loved your take on Distance! The comparisons and the contrasts of earthly relationships. This was heart felt and beautiful!