Friday, July 10, 2009

It's A Wreck

Given that the current theme of this blog seems to be about mishaps with trucks, I thought I would regale you with yet another minor mishap.

Thankfully, oh sweet mercy, thankfully, this episode does not feature me. This one is all about the kiddos. Complete with some pictures, which I know have been in short supply as of late. You'll forgive me for not bothering with pictorial proof of my incidents. Shame does not photograph well.

Back at Christmas, my parents gifted the kids with these lovely cars. They have been much loved, and somehow, not overused. We were a bit afraid that we would have to force the kids to ride their bikes. This has not been the case, and we are ever so pleased.

Recently, Elizabeth has gotten antsy. Thomas is a professional miniature car driver, and Sarah Grace, though not quite as adept, is still pretty stinking good. It generally goes that Sarah Grace takes the sports car and Thomas takes the SUV, giving Elizabeth the passenger seat. However, Elizabeth is no longer content with the status quo.

In short, girlfriend was ready to be in control!

Yesterday, I allowed Thomas to give Elizabeth a few driving lessons. His job was to help her steer if she needed it, be sure that the car stayed in first gear (turtle speed), and to switch it into reverse as needed. He was awesome! Very patient as he explained over and over again to her to watch where she was going so she wouldn't wreck.

He was careful to only help when needed. Our Elizabeth is a bit independent. Too much help causeth much shrieking on her part. We have all learned to kind of stand back and let her go.

She's my daughter. There's nothing else for it.

Once she got her first round of instructions under her belt, she started off.

Occasionally, Thomas would grab the wheel to keep the two of them on track. Don't you love how neither of them are watching 'the road' in this picture?

For her part, Sarah Grace was enjoying cruising in the larger vehicle. She even allowed me to ride with her for a moment. Another image I will not subject you sweet folks to...unless you happen to be here when I hop in again.

Yes, it was a successful lesson. Elizabeth got her need for speed accommodated and everyone came in for a nap pretty quickly afterward.

I am thinking that Elizabeth didn't file my admonitions away. She was under strict orders to not drive unless A) Mommy was outside with her and B) Thomas was backseat driving. Literally. For after they had been out for just a few moments this afternoon, I heard a blood chilling thud and squeal.

I ran outside and found Lightening McQueen wedged under Granny's truck, and Elizabeth screaming with all her might. Her fingers were stuck between the steering wheel of her car and the under side of the truck. I ran over to her and, after several moments, managed to get her fingers out of the wreckage. Her forehead was red from where I imagine she smacked it into the truck, and her little fingers were squished flat.

I snatched her up and held her close until she finally began to calm down. She stuck pretty close to me as we went back to assess the damage to the vehicles.

Granny's truck was just fine, but Lightening was stuck. No amount of pulling was going to loosen that car without ripping off the steering wheel. On top of being stuck, it appeared that the speaker had been ripped out of the steering wheel. So I had the kids park their bikes and the SUV and took them in for nap.

When Joshua got home this evening, he put the jack in position so the kids could jack up the truck and free Lightening. Sarah Grace started the process, but about halfway into it, I called a halt for dinner.

Sorry, it didn't occur to me to actually take pictures of this until the truck was already six inches or so higher, but just imagine how jammed this little car was and my precious daughter's fingers smashed in all that mess.

After dinner was wrapped up, Thomas finished working the jack to free Lightening.

And the cat, well, he's just a camera ham. Had to settle himself in the middle of things and take a bath while he watched the activity.

Thomas would pump the jack a few times, then walk over to see if the car would slip out yet. Then back to the jack work, check the car, again to the jack, and finally, my muscle man pulled the car out from under the truck.

Here he is flexing it for ya.

I tell you, I think we have had more vehicle excitement this month than should be allowed!

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