Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Little Bits of Christmas


From Christmas with my family...

Elizabeth with Aunt Amy's new kitten.
Pepop & Gracie kickin' it Blitzen style.
The whole of my Mom's side of the family. Those pink blurs you see
with my parents, those are my girls who were so pumped up on
sweets they couldn't even stay still for a three second camera flash!

From Christmas Day...

My little cuties!
Sarah Grace struts the Dora sunglasses.
Really? I can open this?
What didn't make it under the tree?
Sassy Sarah Grace in her sassy sports car.
Showing off her driving skills while she winks at the camera man!
Cool-T and his Sis-E
A clearer shot of the Man and his Caddy.


MeesheMama said...

I am thrilled to see a GIRL with ol' McQueen! Great choice!

Ali said...

Love the Christmas pjs! So darn cute!