Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Big Birthday Bicycles

This past Sunday we took the kids to my parents house to celebrate their birthdays with my side of the family. The kids were thrilled to be going to Pepop and Memum's house! We all had a late lunch and then finally allowed the kids to get into their presents. They each got a big kid bicycle! Thomas was elated that his was red and Sarah Grace, of course, had a princess bicycle!

You should know that all through lunch, we kept trying to get Sarah Grace to guess what her big gift was. While Thomas' was still disassembled and in the box, Sarah Grace's came put together and Mom and Dad had put a large, orange bag over it to keep her guessing. She had finally settled on it being a Baby Dinosaur, and when the cover came off, she squealed "It's a bicycle! It's a bicycle! It's not a Baby Dinosaur, it's a bicycle!!!"

Elizabeth was excited, too. =)

Pepop, Thomas and Daddy got to build Thomas' bike, much to the entertainment of the rest of us. While Pepop dug up the correct tools, Daddy worked at getting everything into place. Thomas waltzed around with the handle bars or the seat and crowed about his new, red bicycle.

Sarah Grace couldn't wait until Thomas had his bike put together before she tried hers out! She was just sooooooooo excited! We realized about that time that the kids had no helmets. So Pepop and I trotted off to W@l M@rt to remedy the situation.

While we were gone, Daddy and Thomas finished putting the bike together and Thomas was allowed a short test ride. And it was made evident that the builders had forgotten to tighten the front wheel to the frame. I hear it was quite entertaining.

Once they finally had their helmets and knee pads on, they were ready to fly!

We opted to let the training wheels wobble a bit to encourage balance and Thomas needed much encouragement from Memum before he was willing to believe that he still wouldn't topple over.

Sarah Grace, however, needed no such encouragement. She was rocketing all over the place! We had a few close calls as far as wrecks go, a handful of falling over, and one of Sarah Grace's pedals came off at one point. But the afternoon was spent happily riding their new bikes and we are still boo-boo free from biking incidents!

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Jana (sidetrack'd) said...

Congrats on the big kid bikes! Enjoy your new rides.