Thursday, April 30, 2009

Spring Stuff

Old Man Winter has finally gone, and Spring has sprung, bringing the wonderful warmth of sunshine and the sweet promise of new life. This long awaited changing of the season finds my children outside for hours at a time.


The kids are usually out the door by about 10 AM. They explore, ride their bikes, draw with sidewalk chalk, haul leaves down to the burn pile, drive their cars, pick flowers, move dirt, swing, play on their pirate ship (more on that later), and have picnics.

Did you know that a good picnic involves sidewalk chalk? Check out this spread...

Makes you drool, yes? Rocks and egg shaped sidewalk chalk. But wait, there's more!

That little girl in the bicycle helmet is feasting on the nastiest sponge she could scrounge out of the garage. Mmmmm!

Yeah, I had to make her toss that in the trash. My stomach couldn't handle thinking about how many cars that sponge has washed.

Elizabeth was in awe of her sister's fashion prowess and went off in search of her own hat. It seems that she might not have inherited the same warped fashion gene as Sarah Grace.

We have also been planting random stuff. Here they are prepping to 'bury' the seeds. Sarah Grace cracked me up with that gem of an observation.

For Earth Day, we planted a couple of packets of flowers. It doesn't sound all that Earthy, but it's the idea of teaching the kids to care for something. We're starting small. Shasta Daisys and Bachelor's Buttons. We are also transplanting a few 'trees'. The trees drop their acorns, the acorns take root, and when Spring arrived, there were possibly a hundred little trees cropping up all over the property. Most of them will get gone when the yard demands it's first trimming of the year, but we are saving a few to nurture in our buckets for a year or so before we give them permanent homes in the ground. It has been a great science lesson.

Why catnip, you ask? For this furry little member of our family! In my way of thinking, there is nothing so funny as a 'high' feline. Because I am sick and twisted like that, you know.

Looks like he's already been sniffin' in this picture. I apologize that my camera skills don't extend to good shots of skittish cats. Even ones who are sitting more or less still. =)

Elizabeth wasn't all that keen on getting her hands in the dirt to bury seeds. Ya'll know she didn't get it from me.

And in case you missed these colorful accessories my children are sporting, please take a moment as we all pay homage to the makers of shoes that children can put on their very own feet. Without the assistance of their Mothers.

Hallelujah and Amen!


Gibbons said...

oh my gosh!!! Those are wonderful outside shoes..if they get dirty, wash or wipe them, and as you said they can put them on. These are the only shoes Christa can put on herself..and she sometimes puts them on the wrong feet..but we are working on that:)

Sarah Rose said...

Hallelujah and amen INDEED.