Friday, April 17, 2009

Dental Engagements, Chocolate, and Chalk

Finally, finally, finally!!! A warm day with no rain! The kids were ecstatic and spent all afternoon outside playing. Beautiful, people. Just beautiful!

Our morning began with a trip to the dentist, where I successfully got there with all four children ten minutes before the appointment was to start. Hooray! The kids were pretty angelic and cooperated easily with the folks doing the check up.

There are televisions mounted to the ceiling playing Go Fish videos. The kids were entranced!

Elizabeth kept close to me, unsure of all this activity. While she didn't have an appointment, the dentist asked to check her mouth quickly. She cooperated well. And by well, I mean not at all, but we accomplished what we set out to do.

She shrank in as close to me as she could get, considering that I was wearing Anna in the Moby wrap, glared at the dentist, threw her head back, and opened her mouth wide.

And screamed for a full twenty seconds.

Despite the noise, Dr. N declared her mouth to be in great condition, but that she was our most likely a candidate for braces. Thanks, Dr. N. Something to look forward to!

We finished up at the dentist and zipped over to Wally World where we picked up some basics: toothpaste, toilet paper, razor blades, sidewalk chalk, and Snicker's bars. It was a pretty mundane trip, with the usual gawkers and squawkers as our little brood made our way from aisle to aisle. The kids were super!

Well, except the part where Elizabeth started eating the ham through the packaging because she was, 'Hungee, Mamma, hungee. Eat wunch.'

So we came on home to eat our lunch. And put the ham in a zipper bag since Elizabeth had gnawed a hole in it. Then I shooed the kids off for nap.

Once they woke up, they scarfed down some kind of snack, grabbed their prized sidewalk chalks, and ran out the door. I was busy for several moments getting Anna situated in the bouncy seat and hollering out instructions as to where they could draw.

Sarah Grace, the artiste, and her finished master piece...a flower!

I sat on the front porch enjoying my chocolate bar and watching the children quietly draw all over the driveway and realized I wanted my camera. A quick scan of the yard and neighbors yards told me there were no doggy's lurking about, and I jumped up and ran inside for the camera. It took me all of two minutes, and when I came back outside, Elizabeth was arranging all of her sidewalk chalk around Anna in the bouncy seat. She held one piece of chalk in her hand, poised over the top of Anna's head, looking for all the world like she was about to doodle on the baby's head! I called her name and she guiltily started gathering her chalks back to her bucket.

Whew! Mini-crisis averted. (Ya'll like how I call sidewalk chalk a crisis?)

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Stacia said...

I have a new respect for you my friend how you take four kids to Wally World I'll never know. I took my two yesterday and was exhausted by the time we were done. Sometimes I wonder how two kids can complain so much and be into everything.