Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Diggin' In Style

I love how children get excited about the things that aren't all that exciting. The other day, Elizabeth took some serious delight in helping Granny transfer some dirt from it's mounded spot on the ground into the wheelbarrow. I took some serious delight in sitting in the road and taking pictures of her wielding first a rake, then a shovel as she learned her way around gardening utensils.

Elizabeth worked diligently trying to gather up the dirt on her rake, happy to dump the few grains that balanced themselves on the tines into the wheelbarrow.

When she was given the shovel, she laughed out right and nearly did a dance at how much dirt she could transfer at a time.

Except when the dirt slipped off due to her not remembering to hold the shovel level.

She seemed surprised at the empty shovel, but just went back for more.

'I dot dit, Mama! I dot dit!'


And this cutie sat in my lap the whole time, eating the camera strap, occasionally giving it a firm jerk to ensure that my camera expertise was disrupted.


Jana (sidetrack'd) said...

She looks so cute gardening in her pretty dress. Too bad the love for things like that (and cleaning, etc) don't last until the teenage years!

The Roap Family said...

I love all the new updates! The Bloomin Festival post made me laugh out loud, you are too funny and I do think you by far win the Mom of the year award!!! Your kids are such cuties!!!

Sarah Rose said...

I absolutely love that all of that dirty work is done in such a pretty dress. Little girls are SUCH a delight!