Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Christmas is Coming!

It was 70 degrees outside yesterday.  Christmas is less than three weeks away, and even though I vowed to have all my Christmas decorations in place by December 1st, I only have a tree up.  No stockings yet, not nothing except a jingle bell here and there, our Elf on the Shelf who traipses about my home in mischievous ways, and a tree.

Maybe if it were cold, which we all know I don't like cold weather, but maybe if it were cold, I would be more on the ball.

Maybe.  It seems to be a year of stupid me.

I was standing around with a friend of mine and her mom (how is it that was so uncool in 6th grade and now I love having my friends' mothers around??) the other night.  We were chatting about our (grand)children and the sweet little music recital they'd just finished and I was totally joking on my friend for being so over-committed she couldn't carve out an afternoon for cookie baking.  She threw my harassment right back at me.

"Hello Pot, I'm Kettle", she said.

"Ha!  I'm done!  I have nothing going on the rest of the season!", I retorted smugly.

"Oh, you're done with all your Christmas shopping already?" inquired her mother.

And that was when my heart stopped beating.  It suddenly dawned on me that I've done NOT ONE SINGLE IOTA of Christmas shopping.  I'm usually done or near to done by the time October rolls around, but this year...

And y'all, there are only 20 days until Christmas.  19 if you take into account the fact that it's just a shade after 10PM as I type this all out.

So that's what I'll be up to this next couple of weeks.  Trying to scurry in a shopping trip here or there or some crafting time to make something after the kids are sleeping.  And the nothing else on my calendar?  I forgot to take into account Christmas gatherings, birthday parties, and church Christmas play commitments.

I need a personal assistant just to get through the day.  Anyone want the job?  I pay in cookies...

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