Friday, December 07, 2012

Anna Is 4!

I've been spending all afternoon perusing through Anna's baby posts.  Y'all, I forgot how much that kid loved to be held! 

She still does.  Perfectly cuddly, that one.

She's spunky and opinionated and wears her heart on her sleeve. 

She has a quick sense of humor that keeps all of us giggling. 

Her imagination knows no bounds.

She loves to sing and to make up stories.

She adamantly refused to not do school this year and pushes to do more every day.

She is fierce and determined to have her way.

Her attachment to Taggie is paralleled only by her independence. 

I told Joshua when I was pregnant with her that she was different from the others.  She is very much her own person.

A person we love to giggle with and cuddle with and listen to.  Happy Birthday, Anna Joy!!

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