Friday, January 14, 2011

A Snowflake Falls In Alabama

The Great Snowstorm of 2011. Because apparently getting snow on Christmas Day is so last year! We woke up to officially 7 inches of snow on January 10. Joshua and I sat up late the night before and watched the snow come down in torrents. Then we experienced the phenomenon of ThunderSnow. Facebook friends assured me that the thunder and lightening meant this was Real Snow, like they get in Alaska!

Need I remind people that this is ALABAMA? We specialize in humidity and heat lightening.

We only measured six on our deck rail, BUT! The City of Madison says seven is The Number.

Sarah Grace built a Snow Princess, naturally.

Joshua built his snowman in the bed of his truck and used a frisbee for it's face.

This is where I watched the festivities. My sweet husband thinks this shot is hilarious. What can I say? Cold is NOT MY THING. I live in Alabama, for crying out loud!

No pictures of Anna or Joshua. Anna's lack of camera exposure is directly tied into the fact that she seems to spend more time face down in the snow, which is knee high on her. This results in tears and a plea to come inside to watch Baby Noonay. Joshua's missing pictures are chalked up to him being in possession of the camera at all times. He, unlike me, is totally loving the snow. Hikes and playing with the kids and making sled runs. Just thinking about it makes me need more hot chocolate!

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The Farmer Files said...

THAT could have been ME in that window. When is spring?!?!?