Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Some Day My ISP Prince Will Come

Y'all know I had a baby, right?

And it's summer and we have things to do.

And then there's my notorious tech-karma, or lack there of.

Which leads me to our current situation. Our internet service is slightly defunct. I have several blog posts written, but I can't upload the pictures. And these particular posts need pictures. NEED. However, the provider has been contacted, they are aware of the problem, and they are coming to fix it on Friday.

Which means there will be plenty of Freeman Footage next week.

But for today, you get nothing but me and my wordiness. And not much of it because we have things to do.

However, here is a laugh. Remember Doo-Doo? He's been mentioned a time or two. And since we thrive on the juvenile around here, I'll give you the most recent comment from our Anna about her beloved little thing.

'Mommy! Watch me!'

She very carefully put the round little object in her mouth that she has affectionately dubbed Doo-Doo. It was funny to watch because it's all she can do to get the thing to fit in her mouth, but she can do it. Then she spit him out with a 'pop' sound and grinned as she informed me of her accomplishment.

'Mommy! I can put my Doo-Doo in my mouth!'

I laughed. I guffawed. I snorted.

Oh. Yes. I. Did.

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