Thursday, June 16, 2011

Summer Samplings

We've just come off of two weeks in VBS. Thomas, Sarah Grace, and Elizabeth have had a great time, learned a TON of new songs, done more crafts than you can shake a stick at, added a few more verses to their memory collection, and eaten a lot of sugar. Anna has worked on potty training, with the promise of a 'Poddy Poddy' (Potty Party) once she is successfully trained. Daniel has slept. And I have enjoyed mornings of perusing, plotting, and planning.

I have scoured the internet for ideas of daily projects or activities to do with the kiddos to celebrate the 'freeness' of Summer. Plus, it's eighty degrees in the shade by 7AM and apparently my children are delicate flowers that wilt in the heat. At the very least, they whine a lot and I don't have the heart to make them stay out in the scorching sun.

Our days are looking more like play outside from after breakfast until 10-ish. Then we do a bit of school work and read books. Lunch, nap (hooray for naps!) then afternoon snack.

Here is where all my fun research comes in. In the afternoons, we will spend our time on one of these fun projects. Then, by the time Daddy gets home and we have dinner in our bellies, the kids go outside for another couple of hours.

This week's projects are as follows:

Monday - Make Pudding Pops (to eat Tuesday)

Tuesday - Sun Printing

Wednesday - Magic Milk Shakes & watch a movie from the library

Thursday - Make Sponge Balls & play outside in the water

Friday - Swimming in the morning and library in the afternoon!!!

I can't wait to get started! We'll keep you posted, maybe take some pictures, and definitely post plans for next week.

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