Friday, January 21, 2011

Sleeping Like A Baby

It's common for gestating ladies to have issues with sleeping at night. I mean we sleep All The Time that first trimester Sometime after that we become Nocturnal.

Well, I do anyway. And we have long since established the Who's of this blog.

Until my last pregnancy, I just dealt with the way things were. When I was pregnant with Anna, I mentioned it to my OB and she told me to try Tylenol PM first since I'm not a heavy hitter in the drug arena. She said that many ladies found relief this way, but if it didn't work for me, get back with her. It worked well enough. Well enough that I figured that I was back to what would be considered normal.

However, at that point, I lived with my MIL and if there was slack she just picked it up. I don't think I knew then how tired I really was.

This pregnancy? My nocturnal issues kicked up a few weeks ago. After several nights of one or two o'clock in the morning bed times and no naps during the day, I was really getting run down. I was cranky and sharp and short-tempered. I couldn't keep up with the kids, the laundry, their school stuff. Add into that the Plagues of This Winter, and I was really kind of a basket case.

Enter the Ambien. Last OB visit I told my doctor it was time. She agreed, signed the scrip, and that night I popped my first pill. Then I soaked in Epsom salts because one of my trademarks during this pregnancy is tripping, slipping, or otherwise falling. And I stay sore.

I hadn't been in the blissful water long when I realized I was dizzy and having trouble focusing on a thought. I crept off to bed and slept for the first time in weeks. All. Night. Long.

The next night, I popped another pill and crawled immediately into bed and played games on my iPhone until the disconnected feeling hit. It worked much better that way. I wasn't afraid of falling and cracking my head open before I got to bed. And again, I slept through the night.

The night came, however, that I took my pill and thought I'd 'just check something online real quick'. There I was, sitting with my iPhone in one hand and the mouse in the other, Twittering, emailing, and Facebooking in my day clothes and pink fuzzy house slippers. The next thing I remember was waking up in bed at 7:30 and thinking how good it felt to have slept yet another full night.

I have no idea how I got to that bed. Joshua assures me there was some iPhone droppage, a bit of stumbling, and some muttering about apple machines.

I'll take his word for it and try not to be embarrassed. Because I slept All Night Long!

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