Monday, January 17, 2011

Surviving The Drudgery

Y'all, not only have we witnessed a lot of snow round these parts lately, but we experiencing what I feel just might be more than our fair share of the plague.

The better way to look at it would be to say we are getting all our sicknesses out of the way in an abbreviated time frame. I keep trying to say this to myself, encourage my tired, sick, and pregnant self. That hopefully after this one, we will be done.

The power of positive thinking.

Over the course of the last five weeks, we have survived strep, stumbled through a stomach virus that attacked me and three kids with varying degrees of severeness, and now, I have to believe that we are fighting with the flu.

Joshua, who nursed us all through the stomach bug and walked away virtually unscathed, felt cruddy most of last week. Then he came home from work sick on Friday. This never happens. Seriously, in the thirteen years this man has been a part of my life, I have seen him take to the bed like this twice now. The man essentially stayed in bed for 72 hours.

I am popping pills and eating citrus and drinking water like it's going out of style in an effort to ward off his germs. It's mostly working so far, but I still have a yucky sounding cough. And I fade in and out of feeling energetic and nearly sleeping on my feet.

Of course, that could be the pregnancy...

Elizabeth and Thomas have had nasty colds, and Sarah Grace is just suffering from a smorgasbord of issues. Ear infection, general aches, mild congestion, and low energy. And then there is Anna. She hasn't suffered one iota since her initial vomiting episode on Christmas Eve. Nada.

So, if your missing us and were thinking you might come for a visit, don't! If your wondering how we're doing, check Twitter or FaceBook. Joshua or I one post something regularly. And if you think about us, please pray for a swift and full return to health.

Until next time, spraying lots of disinfectants and eating lots of chicken soup!


Laura Forman said...

I have been missing you and had a feeling that the sickness was keeping you a bit occupied! Praying for wellness very very soon! :) Love you!

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Missi said...

Blessings, Mamma! And prayers for a quick recovery. This was us last year. Yuck, Yuck, Yuck. You will certainly be well for MONTHS after this!