Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Taming The Chaos...

...one step at a time.

My first step was to find and reclaim our School Closet. It had become a drop-point for all things barely school related. And, honestly, a stash spot to hide things I didn't want left laying about when company came by.

You don't have to answer this out loud where people will hear you, but am I the only one who snatches up the last few items and throws them behind a door I can close? Hm? Yes? I'm alone? No? You do this too?

Sooo....while everyone was breathing out their icky germs and breathing in their siblings this week, I spilled the contents of that closet. The stairs became a narrow passage way as I piled up boxes to be within easy reach. The school table, not being used due to high temperatures and low temperaments, became a repository for the insane amount of curriculum I have collected. The living room floor turned into a sorting arena as I methodically went through each box and bag and book, determining whether to keep it, donate it, sell it, or trash it.

I am glad to say that the closet is presentable again. I was particularly thrilled to find I had a stash of pencils that should carry me through until Armageddon. And pocket folders. So, yeah, I'm kind of please with myself. I cleaned out a closet, took care of my sick family, got a little sick myself, made a little money towards next year's curriculum, and got rid of some stuff. All within the time frame of seven days. I would say short, but it's been a rough week here.

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Anonymous said...

OH-WEEEE! i'm very impressed! i peeked in that closet the day we found ur guest bedroom....and then i closed the door before anything could get me!
love ya!