Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Keeping It Clean - The Charts

If you have children, and especially if you have several, you wind up spending time rethinking and regrouping. Everything. Fine. I do. Part of it is that I just like to make lists. It makes me feel like I can tackle the world if everything is just in list form.

So once upon a time, I posted on our choring system. Things were doing okay, but with the change into the new year and picking up steam with our home school stuff, this aspect of our days needed tweaking. We have been at the new system for about a month now and it is going along swimmingly.

The kids part is, anyway. As for me, I try to keep up with the laundry and keep meals in bellies and grow a baby. The rest can wait for days when I have energy. Like in 2042.

In an effort to take the easiest route to answering questions that people ask, I finally created a google spreadsheet and opened access up to everyone. We still have everything posted in our pretty picture frames (two are sans glass now, but I think I might have predicted that one). This outlines the general expectations. These are the things that I want them to do without reminding. Never mind the twenty-eleven times a day that I ask somebody to run upstairs and put 'this away' or 'bring that'. That's just simple obedience. Right?

So, you ask, what do my kids clean with? Well, every cleaner in this house is child-friendly. I'll be posting on that soon!

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Sherry said...

Cute blog!! I'm moseying around the web and found your site.

I too have chore charts for my boys and they use Swiffer products. They are perfect for their little hands. I also have them use Clorox wipes on doornobs and other places that can get germy. Feel free to use that info in your next post. ;)

Now time to go back and help my son with his science fair project!