Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Ant Hills, Rain, and a Caterpillar

We slept in a bit yesterday. It was nice. Even the kids slept in. And when they woke up, we stationed them in front of the television for half an hour or so, allowing Joshua and I to go on about the business of sleeping in.

Then we fed everyone breakfast, lazed about for a couple of hours, fed them lunch, and put them all down for nap. Because we are productive like that.

Once they got up from nap, the real work of the day began. Joshua had worked out in the shop on our building project while the kids napped. When they woke up, we all joined him. It was pretty humid outside, due to the copious amounts of rain that Dixie Land is being brutalized by, so I handed out freezer pops to the kids. Nothing says love like frozen food coloring and sugar!

The kids enthusiastically munched on their freezer pops then poured the left over juice on an ant hill. An ant hill that we had already poured ginger and cayenne pepper on. An ant hill that they had already dumped sawdust all over. I guess all it needs now is whipped cream.

As is the expected forecast for the rest of forever, the rains started up not long after the freezer pop treat was over. The kids stood in the doorway of the garage looking all sad until I told them to get out there and play in the rain! Quit standing around inside!

Sarah Grace was the first one out the door and ran around in giant circles, laughing and squealing the entire time. It used to be a question in our family if Sarah Grace was the most adventurous by nature or because Thomas was always volunteering her to try it first so he could see how things would work out. I have a sneaking suspicion that she is that way by nature. Thomas no longer has to convince her to 'go first'.

The kids played outside until bath time...when I noticed their 'chicken pox' were mysteriously gone. I have no idea what that is about. It is our very own medical mystery.

The best part of the last day of our long weekend? When we sat down for dinner.

The children were all sitting at the table as I sat out the different bowls of food. They were very excited over the mashed potatoes and peas, but when I placed the pork tenderloin on the table, all fell silent. Four seconds ticked by before Thomas asked...

'Mama, is that a caterpillar?'


The Bouldins said...

Please tell me you answered, "Yes, son, it is indeed a caterpillar."

I would have tried to, but the giggles might have given me away.

We did the exact same thing Monday morning. It was lovely.

HisTreasuredPossession said...

"kids say the darndest things"

and parents have soooo much to blog about because they do!! Great story! ((hugs))

The Farmer Files said...

LOL caterpillar...ha ha....and do you know that I DID meet you at the inaugural ball you went to with LL in 2000? That was you, right?