Saturday, May 30, 2009

Just For Granny!

Many of you know that our family shares a home with my mother-in-law. And if you didn't know that, consider yourself enlightened. However, she is currently in California (not a bit of jealousy coming from me, no sirree) and therefore, I feel certain she is visiting this here little blog hoping for a glimpse of her grandchildren. With that in mind, the world at large (you know, the fourteen people or so who read this blog) are about to get a Freeman Kid Overload.

If you want to save your retinas, leave now. If you want to overdose on cuteness, stick around! It's coming!

Our little Anna is growing like a wildflower! She has finally taken to her Bumbo and will sit up on the kitchen counter as the kids and I flounder about the kitchen preparing whatever mess it is we are creating. She is very quiet during all of this most of the time. Just so much to watch that she forgets to make noise!

She is also getting bored with immobility. She spends the majority of her floor time practicing her rolling and how to push up to hands and toes. AND! I caught her on her hands and knees yesterday. She would get up on all fours, push off with her knees and feet, and then face plant because she hasn't figured out the whole arm part yet. She was very impressed with herself!

Um...does that ^^^^^^ look like a red-head to ya'll?!?!?!? It's an opinion poll. But if you disagree with me, then your opinion doesn't count. I'm a control freak like that. ;)

Thomas is not stagnating, either. It is so much fun watching the last remnants of babyhood melt away as little boyhood takes over. I am totally loving the time that I get to spend with him and hear what he has to say about this and that and the other. He's a clown, and tends to not take much seriously, which obviously has some down sides, but there are some perks to his candid little nature, too. I won't sugar-coat it, though. It is tough trying to get through to him the seriousness of many of the things he gets into. He tends to make light of it, causing no end of a feeling of frustration and helplessness in me. It's hard to guide a child who can't/won't view life as anything but sheer entertainment. We'll get there.

My clown is a sweetheart, though. He takes very good care of his Mama and his sisters. He likes to make us pictures and bring us flowers. Here he is after he requested my assistance in traipsing around the yard to bring the beauty inside. That's my kind of guy!

It's not that I don't like being outside, but now that the rains seem to be subsiding a bit, the mosquitoes are out more than the usual full force. The wooded lot that our property is against is usually a source of serenity for me. For the time being, I view it as a hateful breeding grounds of blood sucking obnoxiousness.

But look at those flowers! Aren't they lovely?? They are currently gracing the kitchen table. This is very serene and calming to me, too.

Elizabeth keeps me on my toes like the older two never did. 'What dat, Mama?' and 'Wook, Mama!' and 'Wead book, Mama?' and 'I want bweckfess, Mama.' are the most commonly heard phrases from her. She is a getter-into of anything and quick to say 'I sowweee, Mama' when she caught. This is the best place for her. She loves to 'fwim in da watuh' and can't find much trouble there. Incidentally, she stays pretty clean.

It's hard to take a picture of your shadow, folks. Which brings me to Sarah Grace. She is my shadow. My very chattery shadow. I hear most from her 'Can I help, Mama?' and 'I'm gonna do whatever you do, Mama.' It is every bit as sweet as it sounds, even if I have to remind myself how sweet when she repeats it for the thirtieth time while we wait for the noodles to cook.

It's no small thing to have a three year old wish to emulate you.


The Bouldins said...

Sweet babies!!!! Can't believe how big Miss Anna is!

The Roap Family said...

You were right... huge overload of cuteness!!!!

liz said...

Them are some cute babies!! =) And I love the flowers...makes me miss the South!