Monday, May 25, 2009

The Chicken Pox Coop Up

My bloggy friend Joanna said it best...

I can stay at home for days and days quite happily ... until I can't go anywhere. Then that day (or days) I'm completely stir-crazy!!

Hence my craziness. But not so much. We stayed more or less at home on Thursday, then Joshua has been home Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and today!!! We have been working on a building project that has kept me and the children entertained. Miss H. came over on Saturday to watch the kids for a bit while Joshua and I got things underway, and since then, we just kind of work on it as life allows.

I'll tell you all about that project later. I am picture documenting just for the blog. But I will leave you with this fun tidbit...I am learning to use a radial arm saw!

The children have been super. They have been allowed a few things that normally are not allowed. Like wearing their pretend-play clothes outside. I was highly humored as I sat across the street with the camera and took pictures of the Medieval bicyclers in my driveway.
The Dragon

The Princess

The Flapper

Wait...The Flapper? Wrong era...time travel is a wonderful thing, people.

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Cheryl said...

Too cute!!!

Chicken pox...arghh! Hang in there, Mommy, this too shall pass.

I love you all!!!