Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The Cheeseball

Daniel.  He's the baby of the family and he knows it.

A couple months ago, he wandered up to me and asked to be allowed to do something he knew I'd say no to and then he pulled this hilarious little face.  He scrunched up his nose, squinted his eyes, and pasted on a fake smile.

I laughed a great big, belly laugh, pulled him up in my lap, smothered him with kisses, and said, "No, Cheeseball."

Since then, he'll do the Cheeseball face on command or according to his whim.  He occasionally pulls the Cheeseball when he's trying to get out of trouble.  He still gets in trouble, but I do have to work harder at being Serious Mama when he gets all comical on me. 

 He's a stinker, but he's my cuddly, chuckle head stinker.

For Christmas, my sweet friend Bethany made him the most awesome super-hero cape.  He loves it and wears it every single day.  He especially loves to pair it with his fireman rain boots. 

While we were at the beach this past fall, my brother-in-law found this little Superman figure in the sand and presented it to Joshua because everyone knows my husband is a Superman.  However, Daniel spied it and once he got his little boy hands on it, he's not let go too many times.  Notice he's actually holding it in the above picture. 

We call Daniel SuperDan.  If you ask him what his superpower is, he'll tell you "Make noise and shoot away!"

These are good days, y'all.  Good, good days.