Monday, January 19, 2015

Guess What I Got For Christmas?

This poor blog has suffered for nearly nine years from not only a lack of good photography skills, but a lack of a real camera.

Not that the dismal skills have anything to do with the ownership or non-ownership of a camera.  But I'll try to stay on track here.

Guess what I got for Christmas??

(Do you find it ironic that I just took a picture of my snazzy new camera with an iPhone?) 

I'm reveling in my ability to have more and better pictures of my people, even if my skills are sub-amateur.  It makes me happy.  See?  

This is what we call 'The Cheeseball'.  He pulls this face out at any random moment of the day, but generally when he wants something (like a snack or your undivided attention) or wants out of something (like picking up his toys or putting on his pajamas).

Just because he was spinning me a fabulous tale and he's little and it won't last forever.
Still trying to figure out how to take pictures inside without getting all those major shadows.  Got any tips?

We celebrated Anna's 6th birthday a bit late, but the finery knew no bounds.  Her sisters set the table with my grandmother's china and served blueberries and string cheese for snack.

We're pretty proper here - tea parties are a part of our daily life. 

Sarah Grace has an amazing capacity to include this little guy in whatever it is she's doing.  He loves the attention!

The Freeman home hasn't evaded the Frozen epidemic.  These adorbs little hats were made by our sweet friend Angel and they get a TON of wear. 
Kid loves his 'heh-mut'. 

New Year's Eve.  It was late....

She makes kitchen chores entertaining!  A spoonful of sugar, right?

Just a few days before we chopped all her hair off - it was also FREEZING outside!

Hot chocolate.  Because I have a new camera and I can. 

That time it took me two days to think to check her ears when she kept complaining about a sore jaw and neck?  Totally used my essential oils and she bounced back in less than 12 hours.