Friday, December 05, 2014

Sweetly Six

Guess who had a birthday?

I can't be held responsible for what she's eating... I was sick in bed her entire actual birthday.  Thankfully, Prince Daddy came home and whisked away the little girl who sweetly agreed to postpone her birthday plans until Mommy could be counted on not to keel over when she stood up.

Which is how it was four days AFTER her birthday that we fit in all the celebrating.  It's also how she had to wait four days to get her big gift...

Check out that little bit of sparkle glinting off her earlobe!  Those are her much awaited for green earrings!

Sarah Grace and Elizabeth both had their ears pierced very young, but Anna's ears were never pierced and she's been talking about it for nearly a year.  I had put it off because Anna's my child and pain causes her great distress.  Finally, I could put her off no more.  But I opted to not tell her exactly the 'hows' of ear piercing.  She didn't get it until about half a minute before the first earring went in.

My girl handled it like a champ!  She let out a surprised whimper and steeled herself for the second ear.  Then she shed a few brave tears and hugged me tight.  The lady offered her a sucker and she happily chose a green one then ran over to show off her new glitter to her sisters.

We also ran into Santa Claus wandering around the shopping center and had the first picture ever with all our kids with Santa.  Anna chattered about his beautiful costume for a bit and then, being my girl, declared that we'd be visiting the Chocolate Crocodile before the day was out.

Our day ended with dinner at one of her favorite restaurants and then out to see Christmas lights before bedtime.  Just one of the perks to a December birthday!!

Happy birthday, sweet Anna!  We're so very thankful for you and love you big!! 

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