Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Some of All The Things

Y'all, it's been a bit of a busy last couple of months.  I mean, all months are busy, right?  But I feel like November and December came careening out of nowhere with all their Things To Be Dealt With.  Some of those things were wonderful and fun.  Others of those things, well, not so much.

Early in November, our friend Jennifer was stateside.  Jen's family serves in Costa Rica as missionaries and we miss them tons, so it was big fun to get to take off on a last minute trip to see her in Atlanta.  The goofiness knew no bounds, and the heartfelt conversation among friends was balm to all our hearts. 

While I was in Atlanta, I got a call from Joshua.  It was the kind of call that every mama fears getting, especially when she's away from home.

"We've been in a wreck."   

My hear stopped, y'all.  I excused myself from my friends and went to listen to my husband.

"Everyone is fine, though.  No injuries."

The van was totaled but everyone involved in the wreck was fine.  It was the best case scenario.

We drove four different vans (rentals and loaners) over the next two weeks, then bought this bad boy on Black Friday.

That would be our new 12 passenger Nissan NV.  We've been eye-balling them for a couple of years now, waiting for all the kinks to be worked out since their release in 2012.  We were also waiting on our van to die or for our kids rear-ends to outgrow the super narrow 3-seater bench in the back of it.  Our checkbook would have preferred we wait another year or so, but ultimately, a lot of things came together at once and this baby fell in our laps.

A week and a half later, we went to the hospital with Anna.  About the time we recovered from the barrage of information and lack of sleep that comes with any hospital stay, it was well and truly Christmas!

And just like that, a new year is looming with all it's possibilities. 

Our current plan for this weekend is for me to send my husband and kids off with big hugs and kisses as I focus on working through the first rendition of the 2nd semester schedule and plot out the next six weeks of school.  I have big plans to get more done, too, but realistically, the school prep will be MORE than enough.

I'm ready for things to even keel and for all the excitement to die down so we can find a routine again.  I'm ready for dance classes and co-op and bible study to resume.  I'm looking forward to the new year and thankful for the Lord's provision in this last one.