Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Puttering And A Plea For Assistance!!

Despite the fact that the calendars tout the arrival of fall to be September 21st, a true Southerner knows that fall is October 1st.

That's today, y'all.

I'm doing some fall nesting around here.  Which really means, I'm offering kids quarters to do random things that I see and don't want to do I know will instill a sense of accomplishment and promote taking pride in a job well done.

So I got the box of 'fall decorations' pulled out and then shut my eyes as my girls danced around my house putting fake pumpkins in various places, along with loose potpourri and pine cones that will have to be moved before Daniel wakes up.  Otherwise, I can see my face turning purple as I desperately try not to screech out something awful when I step on one of those sharp pine cones that will inevitably land in my path. 

I'm turning a blind eye to everything else and concentrating on my mantle, which I have long since informed my sweet girls is my territory when it comes to decorating.

I'm sure this will cause them to need therapy at some point in their lives, but I'll think about that another day.

Here's the mantle so far.  It needs help.  I left the old one up for over a year and now I need to re-learn the art of seasonal mantles.  So, whatcha think?  What does it need?  What needs to go?  What needs to be moved?  I'm stumped and tired of trying to think.  Y'all put in some words of wisdom, would ya??

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