Monday, October 14, 2013

It Is Well With My Soul

The title makes it sound like you're in for a confessional of a blog post.

You're not.  It's just a bunch of pictures depicting our October thus far.  But October is a happy month.  The air is cleaner and cooler and the days have that perfect golden tinge to them and even though the government is still on shut down and the president is still less that I would have hoped for and the mosquitoes still circle me like miniature vultures, there is a rightness about this blessed month that makes me heave huge lung-bursting sighs of contentment.

Anna's new hair cut, the latest mosquito attack on poor Daniel, and what happens to Daniel when the bag of sugar is left within his reach: crunchy oatmeal!

We field tripped to see the Nina and the Pinta replicas and learned much.  The kids also enjoyed rolling down the huge hill on the beautiful day. 

Pony rides make my Thomas look HUGE, sunshine smiles from Elizabeth and Joshua, and Daniel being all big and brave at the pony corral. 

Sarah Grace has begun taking over much of the meal making in the kitchen.  She and Thomas are also wrapping up a successful season of baked goods at the local farmer's market. 

Visits with Mimi make for lots of smiles!

The crazy swirls and my nerves get raw, but this life is a beautiful blessing.  It is well with my soul.

Hope you're enjoying your fall as much as we are ours!!!

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