Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Not Exactly A Field Trip

...but don't tell my kids that!

Recently, I took the troops out for dental appointments.  All five of them on the same day.  I was so glad to be able to do them all in one day, but I'm gonna be real honest.

I was more than a little apprehensive about the crazy that is more probability than possibility in situations like these. 

We finally switched to a local dentist after having stayed with the fabulous dentist who'd seen us through Elizabeth's mouth trauma.  I'm a loyal soul, but after three years of driving an hour for a twenty minute check-up, I was ready for a closer dentist for my kiddos.

A friend of mine recommended Dr. Moffett.  I asked around about him, checked out his website, and called them.  They had fabulous recommendations.  They're practically in my backyard.  It was a no-brainer, y'all.

But five kids for any kind of appointment makes my heart lurch.

Plus, I made this our first outing with Daniel in underwear.  Ahem.

Um, if you're in our area and you don't have a dentist for your kids, I'm just here to shout from the rooftops about these folks.  The hygienists were gentle and gracious and seemed to truly enjoy interacting with my exuberant kids and my shy kids.  Even Daniel hopped up on the table and opened his mouth.

I'm sure it helped a lot that there was  television playing Word World on the ceiling.

Dr. Moffett came through and gave us the great news "Five kids, no cavities!"  If I hadn't been so worried about Daniel and his pottying needs, I might've danced right there in front of all those sweet people.

The kids chattered all the way home about having their pictures taken (x-rays), their shiny new teeth, and who got the coolest toy from the dentist office.  They were SAD when I said we weren't due back until March.


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Monica said...

Yay for a good report from the dentist and for a successful outing!! I always get nervous when I take all four of mine to an appointment like that and I'm so happy when it's over!