Monday, March 01, 2010

A Letter To Tuesday

Dear Tuesday,

I am looking forward to seeing you tomorrow! You see, it has been a tail kicker of a day. As if Monday, by it's very nature, weren't enough, we added to the usual chaos.

What? You doubt me?

Tuesday, dearest, we put on real clothes today. This is not our ordinary Monday habit. We generally greet Mondays a little later in the morning and rarely bother to change out of our pajamas. It is a very soothing way to acclimate to the abrupt ending to our wonderful weekends.

But today, this Monday, we all were up and dressed by 8 AM. It may never happen again.

Why, you ask?

Apparently, motivation is something we should leave to the 'suits' of the world. We handle it badly around here.

As in spend the day in the ER bad.

No, really. It happened just as I say!

After we all got duded up in our Real Clothes, I went to Wally's to do a bit of necessary shopping. Toilet paper, ya know? It's a good thing. Upon re-entering the house, I was told that our little Elizabeth, our Sunshine, had sustained a busted lip.

It turned out to be a bit of an understatement.

One of the great things about our Elizabeth is that she rarely complains when she is injured or sick. One of the really frustrating things about our Elizabeth is that she rarely complains when she is injured or sick. We are generally left in the dark about how she feels. She just smiles and remains more or less cheerful as she goes about the business of living. It is an admirable trait.

That sweet little, non-complaining personality of hers nearly covered up the fact that her injury was far more that a slightly busted lip.

You see, Tuesday, our darling Elizabeth took a face-forward tumble down several steps today. Once you got past the gashed and swollen lip and really looked in her mouth, her upper front teeth were pushed into odd directions and her poor little gums were just a mass of bruised and bloodied tissue.

So we took her off to see the dentist. He assessed it all and said that her teeth seem to be fine and that time will tell what the outcome will be. Once he saw her lower lip, he referred us to the Children's Hospital in Birmingham.

It was a very sore little girl who made that trip. Much of the trip was made with her moaning low and softly in the back seat while I tried to get there as quickly and safely as possible.

So we could sit and wait for two hours. This wasn't all bad, as Elizabeth finally konked out in my arms and slept.

Our dentist had called ahead to brief folks on what he had seen, and when they did get us back to an exam room, our little Elizabeth was seen by an ER doctor, and we had a consult with a Plastic Surgeon.

Thankfully, it was agreed that to suture her poor little lip would be cause for more trauma that benefit and that, again, time would tell how well the healing process would work. The plastic surgeon advised that things could heal very nicely and his services might not be needed. Again, time would tell.

And as nice as those gentlemen were, we hope we never have to see them professionally again.

Elizabeth was quite the trooper. She was brave and co-operative for mostly everything. She took the one-on-one time with me in the exam room to discuss at length her birthday menu. I am pretty sure we hammered out all the details. April 6th just can't get here fast enough!

Tuesday, dearest, you are, of course, invited. The day just wouldn't be the same without you!

The ending to our Monday was a happy one, though. We have our Sunshine back to her regular happy self, though her smiles will probably be a bit smaller for a few days, so as not to aggravate her lip. She feasted on Jell-O and baked beans, both items she proclaimed 'sof enough to not hurwt my wip and teef.' Daddy read aloud to all of us, and the children are happily tucked into bed.

I think I shall join them, Tuesday. I want to be fresh and rested for your arrival!

Until tomorrow,


Megan said...

Oh man! Sending lots of prayers your way!

Cheryl said...

Poor Baby! I feel so bad for Elizabeth...

Jana (sidetrack'd) said...

Oh wow! Hope her lip and teeth are feeling better and that your Monday is much better this week!

Jessica said...

Oh my! I am a little behind in the bloggy world, as I am just now reading this. I hope she is doing better by now. My 2-year old just did a similar thing a couple of months ago. She fell and hit her front teeth on a metal band on an old barrel that we have as a table. It pushed 3 of her teeth up in her gums and chipped them. I knew we are going to need braces because she sucks her index and middle fingers, but I hope this doesn't make it worse. So far we haven't lost any of the teeth, but she still has problems with them. Especially when we brush her them. They have come down a lot, but not all the way. Her smile will never be the same.