Thursday, November 01, 2012

It's A Mystery

Remember a few years ago when this happened?  Well, that little incident led to the eventual pulling of Elizabeth's top two front teeth.  If I documented it on the blog, I can't find it to link back to.  Sorry.  I just thought all those little labels would keep me organized.

Apparently that only works if you take the time to go back through the history of the blog and label everything.  Correctly.  That's six years of blog entries, y'all.  One day....

So.  Ummmm.... Elizabeth has been short a few teeth for about half her life, now.  Recently, she added her first 'official' lost tooth to the ones that had to be pulled and the the gap in her grin grew.

Tonight, she curled up next to me and we were talking when she looked at me with an expression I couldn't define.

"Mama, where is it?"

"Where is what, Liz?" I replied.

"My tooth!  It's not in my mouth!"

It took me a second.  I'd forgotten about her 'new' loose tooth.  Again. 

Hold on.  I need to justify myself here, as I feel like you're going to think I always forget everything (which I basically do).  The thing is, when Thomas and Sarah Grace had loose teeth, we heard about it all. the. time.  Amen.  With Elizabeth, she tells you once or twice and then never makes another noise about it.

Until the tooth is no longer attached to her gums.  

We searched but couldn't find it.  Finally, at bedtime, she asked me if she could still have a Tooth Fairy and would I be her Tooth Fairy this time.  Yes, on both counts, baby, I assured her.  She hugged me and grinned big.

Halfway up the stairs, she stopped and turned around.

"Good-night toothy-tooth, wherever you are!  I love you!!"

I giggled and shooed her off to bed.  She's a delight, that one. 

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