Monday, October 01, 2012

Fairy Dust & Sunshine

A few weeks ago, Elizabeth bounced down the steps with a grin on her sweet face and excitedly told us about her new surprise: Her first loose tooth!  At the forefront of her mind for days afterward was her barely wiggly tooth. 

But it fell off our radar.  She lost interest in the tooth when it didn't fall out immediately and I, being the the Mother with the incredible Memory, forgot about it.

Until today. 

I was sitting on the couch reading Seven when Elizabeth came bounding through again.

"Mommy...I've got something that fell out for you."  Huge impish grin from my sweet little Sunshine child.

I looked at her with caution as she held out her hand.  (I'm always a little afraid of what my children might drop in my hand!)

I looked at her shining eyes and she shouted right in my face "IT'S MY TOOTH!!!"

I giggled and hugged her tightly and peered in at the hole in her mouth.  Then she proudly recounted each wiggle of the last few moments.  She's so excited about her Tooth Fairy coming tonight!  She deliberated for a while over who her Tooth Fairy would be.  "Well, Thomas was my first Tooth Fairy..."

"I want Sarah Grace to be my Tooth Fairy because she's a good Tooth Fairy, I think."

I love these milestones! 

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