Monday, June 04, 2012

Daniel - 13 Months

Where did this last month go?  Didn't I just let this kid eat his birthday cake?  Wowsers!

I'm thirteen months old and...
...I am just beginning to try to take steps between two objects.
...I drink from a sippee cup!  I accomplished this feat earlier than any of my siblings!!
...I have four pairs of shoes.  Mommy says that's a lot of shoes for a kid who doesn't walk.
...I love to play the piano with Daddy.  When he starts playing, I stop what I am doing and speed crawl to him and pull myself up so I can play with him.  It sounds better with both of us.
...I feed myself almost everything.  Mommy hasn't let me loose with the oatmeal yet.  Wonder why?
...I love when Mommy fills up the baby pool and lets me play in it.  She doesn't even make me wear any clothes!!!
...I still drool copiously.  I can soak right through a bib in an hour flat.
...I'm a very good obey-er boy... so far!  At least when somebody tells me no about climbing the steps, that is.
...when somebody tickles me, I throw my arms up with my hands behind my head and giggle and squirm. favorite thing in the world to play with is a ball.  Good for chewing on and good for playing with!

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