Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Pocket Full of Random Anna

So our Anna, as I've mentioned, is simply a barrel of entertainment.  The child tells me eighty-eleven times a day "I'm hungwee, Mamma.  I'm hungwee."  She'll tell me this with a hamburger and a half and two handfuls of chips barely swallowed down.  If that doesn't work, she'll pitifully say; "My tummy says it's hungwee, Mommy."  I shake my head and hand over a banana.  

She obeys most commands to retrieve something ("Anna, go get your shoes."  "If you'll pick out a book, I'll read to you."  "Find a comb so I can get the rats out of your hair.") with a happy grin and a thud-thudding of her feet as she runs off.  A moment or two later, she returns with her hands behind her back grasping whatever object it is.  "Mommy!  I have a suh-prise fo you!!!  1-2-3...SUH-PRISE!!!"  And from behind her back she brings out the object and holds it up in front of her bright, happy smile.  

And of course, I'm always surprised.  

She's a confident little tyke.  She will out and out tell you "I'm cute, Mommy!" as she spins and grins and shows off an outfit or hairstyle.  Or song, or dance, or jump, or...well, anything.  In fact, she asked me to take pictures of her 'cute face'.      

Your convinced, right?  She's cute!

She also wanted me to take a picture of her 'fave-wit silly face'.

Don't get me wrong, she can pull out the shy card in a heartbeat and manage to hide herself behind my leg, but for the most part, she loves to believe she's the center of the world.  Even if it's just her own made up world.  Which is why she can ballet dance on the coffee table for an hour if left to her own vices.

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Anonymous said...

My daughter likes to sing to herself in the mirror-- "I'm a pretty girl, I'm a pretty girl!" :)