Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Of Pollen and Bounciness

It's mid-March and it's acting like early Summer. I keep waiting to wake up to frost or cold weather, but the sun shines merrily in the sky begging us to be outside and see the new life peeking through and blooming out.

All covered in a veil of yellow pollen.

So we rub our eyes and sniff our stuffy noses and enjoy it to the hilt.

We finally got our trampoline up. It'd been sitting in the garage for a year.

A year, people. Because we get ourselves all up in a big hurry.

Anyway. The kids love it! They spend hours a day out there bouncing around, playing games, reading books, laying flat on their backs or bellies. Just enjoying the beauty that is a trampoline.

Since it has this lovely netting up the sides that is so securely attached to the frame, we also pretend it's a giant play pen for Daniel. He's safe, he's happy. It's a thing of true beauty.

Speaking of true beauty... have you seen my kids? I kind of like 'em. A lot!

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