Friday, March 02, 2012

Daniel - 10 Months

I am ten months old and...

...I have five teeth.
...I am pulling up and cruising all over the place.
...I have started babbling. It's really cute.
...I'm learning 'no'. It's not really cute.
...I have begun to fight nap times. It's not really cute, either.
...I will tolerate anything if it comes from my brother.
...I don't tolerate as much when it comes from my sisters.
...I have zero interest in using a sippee cup.
...I want your attention, but I would prefer to not sit in your lap or be cuddled close...
...but you can carry me around all day long. Just don't sit.
...I love this warm weather thing. I spend a lot of time crawling around on the deck and cruising around in the yard in my stroller with one of my siblings pushing me.
...I want food.
...there have been tornadoes today. Like the kind my family endured just a few days before my birth.
...I am really good at manipulating the steps. It makes Mommy nervous.
...I am beginning to mimic hand gestures. I will wave 'Bye-Bye' and am working on signing 'please'.

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