Monday, January 30, 2012

In Which I Spew Forth Much Randomness

With five children, it's no wonder I quit dealing in Baby Books and I'm just thankful I never took up scrapbooking or I would TOTALLY feel guilted into taking a mini-vay every few months.

Wait. That doesn't sound half bad, the mini vacation bit, I mean. Maybe it really is a shame I never got into that whole scrapbooking craze...


Anyway. That's what the blog is for. It's faster and appeals to my inner geek. Especially since Christmas. Never did tell you all much about that. Here's the quick version:


Woo to the hoo, y'all!

I might even have it all figured out. Until I sit at the desk top PC and get myself all bumfuzzled. But let's just bask in the beauty of the shiny new toy, mkay?

And the kids got toys. And a Wii. So we are officially hip.

What was I here for, anyway? Oh yeah! To talk about what the kids have been up to. It has been unseasonably and wonderfully warm. (especially when there was a foot of snow on the ground this time last year, but let's not dwell on that) The kids are loving the weather, and since we are a good month ahead in school right now, I'm letting them play, play, play and only doing the basics school wise. It's gonna get cold soon enough.

And with them outside, I have more time to pull giblets of various stuff from Daniel's mouth. I totally likened him to a puppy on Face Book today, what with his need to put ev-vuh-ree-thing in his mouth.

However, there have been some inside days. We recently learned embroidery in our Little Keepers group. The kids spend tons of time working their little needles in and out of the cloth they are working on. For my part, I spend more time than I would care to threading needles. So far, no stab wounds, but I've seen how they handle those needles, so it's only a matter of time.

Elizabeth diligently working to finish her flower. A yellow one, of course.

Sarah Grace watching Mimi's hands carefully as the two of them make lovely hearts on Sarah Grace's cloth.

But wait! There's more!

Randomness, that is. We're done talking about needles.

Daniel is all about physical fitness. Kid's got a killer plank.

He's also all about surprises and new accomplishments. This is how he greeted us yesterday morning.

Yep, we lowered the crib mattress. You don't have to worry. As for the floating hand in the lower left hand corner of the picture, I'm not sure about that. That might be worrisome.

Then there is this kid. He was my Kitchen Helper last week and took great pride in making granola bars all by his own self, thankyouverymuch.

We have another child. The Anna girl, but she's hard to catch on 'film'. She's the one in the background cracking jokes and making us laugh with her insanity. She told a fellow at church the other day (out of the clear blue) "Baby Pumpkin Head doesn't like you."

It was several hours before we understood that she has now named her plastic pumpkin pail (you know, the halloween variety) Baby Pumpkin Head and loves her (she clearly informed me that I had called 'her' a 'him' and Baby Pumpkin Head is a 'guh-ruhl') with the same loyalty as Doo-Doo (who has blissfully fallen off the map for the time being).

So, yeah, there you have it. More randomness than you can shake a stick at.

A phrase I never really understood. In my way of thinking, if you've got a stick, you can shake it at pretty much anything.


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Anonymous said...

It has been a month--my how they have changed!! and Daniel is getting some baby rolls finally!!!