Thursday, February 02, 2012

Daniel - 9 Months

Today, I am 9 months old. All I really know about this is, well, I get more crackers. But my Mommy thinks this is a pretty big milestone: I've been growing outside her belly as long as I grew inside her belly.

Silly Mommy.

But today, I am 9 months and...
...I am crawling all over the lower level of the house.
...I have begun to get curious about those steps. Nobody lets me get past the first step, though.
...I love sitting in the bath tub, dipping my head down and drinking from the water.
...I am pulling up on things.
...I fall down a lot when I pull up on things.
...I will gnaw on ANYTHING that I can fit into my mouth. Mommy calls me Beaver because I love woodchips.
...I am an amazing eater. You have never seen a mouth open as wide as mine does when there is a spoon in my general vicinity.
...I respond to my name!

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