Monday, October 03, 2011

Daniel - 5 Months

Has it really been a whole month since I last posted one of these? The time, it is a flyin'.

Photo Courtesy of Thomas

I'm five months old...
...and let me tell you, I DO NOT LIKE SLEEPING ON MY BACK. Are we clear on that point? If I flip over in the middle of the night from my belly to my back, I go just a little berserk until somebody flips me back over and tucks my blanket around me.
...and my Mommy thinks that this habit is only slightly high maintenance.
...and I have a tooth!
...and another almost through!
...and incidentally, I drool. A lot.
...and I really and truly believe that I need somebody to talk to me about 85% of my wakeful time.
...and I would really prefer that somebody just carry me around most of that time, too.
...and I like sweet potatoes and apples.
...and man! Do I ever know how to have some massive blow-outs.
...but Mommy doesn't like to relive those moments, so she said I can't tell you any more than just the essential facts.
...and I am The Smiliest Baby ever, according to Mommy and Daddy.
...and I am much adored by my Big Brother!
...and my Sisters, too!
...and life is good!

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