Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My Passive-Agressive Demise?

Picture it...

My four older children sitting at the dining room table eating leftover pizza for their lunch. I'm roaming around cramming bites into my mouth while speed cleaning and trying to think ahead to the rest of the afternoon, and I hear...

"You never know, Sarah. She's pretty old already and she might be dead when you get to sixteen."

Desperately trying not to choke on my pizza, I headed towards the dining room wondering aloud,'Who might be dead?"

"You, Mom. Sarah Grace wants a Mommy Date to the thrift store when she turns to sixteen. But I told her you were old and you might be dead. You just never know."

First of all, YEAH! That's my daughter who wants to go thrifting with me.

Second of all, YIKES! And does my son know he's not the main beneficiary on my life insurance?


Anonymous said...

OLD is relative!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I love your kids! They are just so fun. It makes me want to hang out at your house more! And to chat with you more. :-) ~~ D

Heather H. Metcalfe said...

precious!!!! In a kiddy sorda way